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As a Podcaster, YouTuber or Blogger, you want more listeners, watchers & readers. But its tough to grow your audience. One way is to have guests. helps in several ways. We want to help guests get more exposure for their own business and brand. Being on a Podcast, Youtube show or a blog can certainly help with that.  

We also want to help Podcasters, YouTubers & Bloggers get more exposure for their shows & blogs. Having guests can also help with that. But its tough to find them. It takes time and a lot of effort. That’s why we launched



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Why did I create Over the years, I've been a guest on plenty of Podcasts. It has been a great way for me to get my name out there. It has certainly provided me with a way to get more visibility for my brand and therefore more business opportunities as a result.  

But its always been a massive struggle to find Podcasts to be on & then to make contact with the Podcast owner. I would have loved a dedicated regular mailing list which had Podcasters, YouTubers & Bloggers that were looking for guests & what criteria they were looking for. And then for an easy way for guests to contact them.  

After you sign up, you'll get a welcome email. If you want to be a guest, there's nothing to do but sit back & wait for the weekly emails to land on your mat. Each one will contain opportunities for you to be a guest. If you're a Podcaster, YouTuber or Blogger & are looking for guests, then there's a brief form to complete & submit. Once we have that your info will go out in the emails.  

I hope solves those problems. Connecting great guests to Podcasters, YouTubers & Bloggers. The best bit though is that its 100% free for Guests, Podcasters, YouTubers & Bloggers to sign up. I hope you'll give it a try - Mark Shaw


What Do Others Think of

Have to say Mark that I thought this was a great idea when you first announced it and I signed up. I was wrong's f**king epic!! On the first day I had 7 people reach out to me about my podcast which, as is in the description for it, hasn't even started yet! I was pretty blown away by the interest and am hurriedly trying to get up to speed with getting it going and talking with all 7 people. If it has that level of contact in the first go I can only imagine how awesome it will be next month, 6 months, a year from now! Paul Wlliams - The Rebel Leader, Business Development Leader at  

Mark recently launched his SpotaGuest service for podcasters who are looking for guests on their Podcast. I was immediately interested because I appreciate his Maverick nature and I wanted to see what he was up to! The Maverick Paradox Podcast ( has been active for well over a year now and focuses on conversations with interesting people that encapsulates Mavericks or Leadership as a topic.  

I love having these conversations so was keen to see whether joining Mark’s service will draw interesting people to me. To my surprise I have already received requests to be a guest on the show - just hours after signing up! I’m now enjoying the process of shifting through the responses. Judith Germain - The Mindful Maverick: